When I was in primary school, collaboration meant making a poster with others. We have come a long way and it always amazes me how much things have changed!

Yesterday, my students were developing reader’s theatre scripts from stories they created. They were working in groups and instead of working together on a sheet of paper, they all had their iPads out and used Google Pages. They were all working on the document at the same time! I know that this is how the world works now, as I do this same thing with other teachers, but watching grade 3 students do it amazed me. Sure, there were some that were not focused and the iPad tempted them to play games instead, but overall there was true collaboration. Some people were working through lines together while others were working out different sections at the same time. It was wonderful watching how well they worked together on the same document, adding, changing and improving the scrips!

Next step, they will perform it for others! Hopefully they will be able to collaborate on stage as well as they did in the cloud!

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