Babies on a Wild & Crazy Adventure Day!

When my sister comes to visit me where ever I am in the world, we try and make a video. We have made some fun and interesting videos. Finding the time to make a video this year was going to be tough, because my wife and I welcomed twins to the family! After initially scrapping the idea for a video this visit, we came up with the idea to incorporate the babies. I thought about brushing up on my green screen sills, which I like to use in the classroom with my students. We cam up with the idea of the babies on a big adventure and we just needed them on a green screen! It was a lot of fun to make and I hope that my children will enjoy looking back at it when they get older. I hope you enjoy it:



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Movin’ on up!

When I speak to people, they often have the opinion that living in China is bad or rough. While this might be true in some places in China, this is not the case for us. We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful community in southern China, with clean air! As a matter of fact, our apartment is significantly nicer than the apartment we had in Melbourne, Australia. We like it so much that we made this video comparing how far we’ve come from our old apartment in Melbourne to our new one in China. We feel that we are “Movin’ on up!”


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My last class at university didn’t take place in Melbourne, it happened in the slums of Delhi. A really great group of people spent two weeks teaching at an amazing school called Katha. While I am not posting any picts of the students or teachers, I have put up some other picts from our trip. I have also posted below what our walk to the school looked like, just to give a taste of the streets of the slums surrounding the school. It was a really great experience – the teachers, kids and school were all really amazing! I also enjoyed the food, but desperately missed lots of fresh veggies and salads! This is the end of my Masters degree! Next stop is graduation and then finding a job!!!

[youtube i7BRH3g9KtE]




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Mac’s Strange Addiction

Meet Mac. He has a strange addiction. He likes to lick the water from freshly used showers…

His addiction is so bad that he was recently on the tv show “My Strange Addiction.” If you are unfamiliar with the show, you can watch a clip here.

The recent episode with Mac can be viewed below. Enjoy:

[youtube aogUAd-FZ8A]

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New Zealand Adventure

New Zealand is not really known for its major city, Auckland, but rather known for it’s amazing nature. In order to experience all that this country had to offer, we decided to spend some time driving around in the countryside, and end our trip in Auckland.

On our first day, we rented a car at Auckland Airport and drove to Hahei. This is close to Hot Water Beach where we could dig out and make our own hot water pond to soak in. What an amazing experience! On the way to Hahei, we stopped at a cafe and had our first meal in NZ, which was ok… Jay’s banana pancake was great though. In Hahei, we stayed at Hahei B&B hosted by Mark. It was a beautiful B&B house with a nice swimming pool. After dropping off our baggage, we headed to a place called Cathedral Cove recommended by Mark. It is a really cool arch that was formed by nature over many many years…

On our second day, we drove to Hot Water Beach and rented a spade and looked for a good spot to dig. A lady suggested to us that we look for a place where we could see a bubble. When we got to the beach, we found a few spots where we felt heat underneath but it was not low tide yet. So, we waited for about 1 hour to find the best spot. And, yes – we did it. It was such a great experience. We spent the whole time in our pond we made until the ocean tide became high again. Then, we went to a cafe close to the beach and had nice nibbles. In the evening, we went to a winery and pizza place recommended by a person who owned a mobile cafe at Cathedral Cove. It was such a unique place where a guy owns and makes his own wines. The pizza was good too. We stayed until late, even after their closing time and hung out with some locals there.

On our third day, we drove to Raglan, which is located on the opposite side of the island. The Raglan beach was such a gorgeous beach with black sand. The water was so clear that we could see through everything. The sun was really strong though, so we could not stay out for long hours. In the evening, we had a nice Indian/Nepali restaurant and drove to Waitomo Caves.

On our fourth day, we did a bit of adventure! We joined the Black Labyrinth tour for three hours in a glowworm cave.  It was also an interesting experience and quite surreal in the cave. Glowworms were very beautiful in the dark. They seemed like stars in the sky. Our guides were pretty great. They made our experience even better. After the adventure, we unfortunately had to say good bye to beautiful sceneries. We headed to the city, Auckland. Jay got us free nights at the Hilton! It was a nice stay and we enjoyed it tremendously. The city was not so big and we could walk around it within a day or two easily. It was very different from Melbourne, but both cities are quite relaxed and easy environments. We walked around the city in the night and had a nice meal at a South Korean restaurant where a Korean waitress recommended us to go to Christchurch, which is located on the South Island. If we come back to New Zealand, I think we will explore the southern Island!

On our fifth day, we went to the Auckland Museum and War Museum.  It was a bit of a walk from the city because the museum was located in the middle of nowhere… But, it was a great museum. They display a lot of Maori cultural and other Polynesian information. Also, they have a nature museum and a specialised room for kids too. We also watched a Maori cultural performance.  The Maori people showed us a bit of their culture. They sang songs, danced and showed us how they used to fight (Maori culture is pretty much a fight culture).

On our last day, we once again did an adventure, bungee jumping from the Auckland Harbour Bridge! It was a very scary experience but we all loved it!

It was a really great trip! As a matter of fact, our experience in the Hahei Bed and Breakfast made Chiz and I decide that we want to open our own B&B! Not now, but more like a retirement plan. Now all we need to do is find the right place to have one! I guess we have some more traveling to do… oh well!

Here are some picts from our trip – lots of them! Enjoy:

Also, here is a video I took from the Maori Experience from the Auckland Museum:

[youtube wlI-IrW3U1k]


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Robin in Oz

My sister Robin came to visit Chiz and me in Australia! We hope to have some picts posted from her trip soon, but first we have a special presentation… a new movie that we created while she was here. We’ve created movies in the past, like the internet sensation Japan! This one is a bit different, but sure to be a crowd pleaser. So without further adieu… I give you Robin in Oz.

[youtube KFG2ABdB_Jw]


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Le Gateau Chocolate

This past weekend, Chiz and I decided to treat ourselves to an event that was happening in Melbourne. The second annual Melbourne Caberet Festival was going on and we wanted to be part of it!

We decided to see an amazing performer named Le Gateau Chocolat. It’s hard to describe this diva… but I’m going to try. He is a hefty Nigerian man, who studied law in England and decided instead of practicing law, to dress in sparkly lycra suits and perform operatic and modern classics!  Sounds great, right… well he was! This was his Melbourne debut, but he was such a success I’m sure he will be back here again. If he comes to your city, I would highly recommend that you check out his show – it’s well worth it!

I have posted some picts from the evening below, as well as some clips of Le Gateau Chocolat’s performances during the night. He has an amazing voice and a really fun personality on stage! We had so much fun and the evening just flew by very quickly.

[youtube qL9udDZXodE]


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australian tuna

australians do canned tuna a bit differently than they do in america and japan. someone here had the great great idea to mix the tuna with different flavors. some of the flavors sound really great, like zesty vinaigrette and lemon and cracked pepper. others sounds a bit odd to me, like mild Indian curry and sweetcorn and mayonnaise! i made a little video where i tried a couple of flavors that i thought sounded interesting. i also took the time to edit it a bit differently that i usually do (since i have some time now). i think it’s more fun to watch this way, but please let me know what you think! enjoy!

[youtube c41KxkvFjGs]

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Which way does the water spin???

Ever since I was a little kid, I was told that the water in toilets spin in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemisphere… but is that really true?

I have done a bit of searching on the Internet, and just as you might expect – there are mixed answers. Some say that it is absolutely true, while others say it’s totally false. Some argue that in theory it is true, but it only works on large bodies of water… not toilets. One thing is true though; toilets today have water forced into them and are bad ways to test this theory. In order to test it, you need to let the water spin in a natural way, like in a bathtub or sink.

Well… since Chiz and I were making a move from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, we decided to put this theory to the test! We took video of water spinning in a natural vortex in two northern cities (Tokyo and Atlanta) and then two cities in the southern hemisphere (Brisbane and Melbourne). Over the course of our long move here, we put this video together. It is an unscientific study to prove or disprove this theory.

So what do you think will happen? Take a guess and then watch the video…

[youtube d2zC1t-07KQ]

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